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Battle of Flowers


The Battle of Flowers is an annual event that takes place on the island of Jersey. The band travels there every year for our annual summer camp to take part in the prestigious event. This is where the band flowers up and performs for the hundreds of thousands of people in the crowd. Each of the parishes around Jersey competes with each other in a competition for best float. Each year they come up with new glorious designs and performances that are just amazing.

Moonlight Parade


The Moonlight Parade is another carnival that runs the following night. All of the floats are lit up with big, on board floodlights and sparkling LEDs. The band joins the festivities with flowers and LEDs on the instruments. The atmosphere at this event is unlike anything you will ever experience. The carnival concludes with an arial display from two aircrafts equipped with smoke and fireworks. After this, the event then has its own fireworks display that runs for around 10-12 minutes. 

The Band


We perform in the streets of St Helier (Capital Parish) for the public and visiting tourists in the days leading up to the Battle. We then partake in the parades before heading into our leisure week. The band members work very hard at the beginning of the trip so we reward them with a full week of fun activities. This includes swimming, visits to the beach, Jersey war tunnels, Jersey zoo and much more. 

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