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Chris Godber


I formed the Dolphin Marching Band on 06 June 1996 with the assistance of the previous Deputy Bandmaster - Mr Graeme Bennett. We are currently planning a trip to Disney World Florida for our 30th Anniversary in 2025.  My role as Bandmaster is to be the main figurehead of the band as well as organizing events with my deputy Mathew. We are a very busy and popular band that travels nationally as well as internationally to attend events. 
I work as a Funeral Services Operative in the local 
area and live with my wife Andrea and our children. My daughter Alisha is the Solo Drummer in the Band. I come from a sea cadet background serving as a Chief Petit Officer in the Parkstone sea cadets and the Parkstone sea cadet band.


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Mathew Bracher

Deputy Bandmaster

I joined the band in April 2012 and have moved up the ranks from Bandsman to Bandmaster status. I help the bandmaster with the general running of the band. I am the overseer of the bell lyre section which I help to train as well as compose new music for the band to play. Helping the band has been a big part of my life and I really enjoy seeing the transformation in people when they join and having their first lightbulb moment when learning an instrument.


I work at ASDA as a delivery driver and i love my job. It's great to be out and about and be active.  

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Frank Kenevan

Drill Instructor


Hello, I'm Frank. I've been in the Dolphins since the beginning. I am responsible for the on-going training of Drill procedures of the Band and ensure these are adhered to whilst on Parade. 


Previously to the band, I served in the Royal Marines as a Drill Instructor and chauffer to the Royal Family. I pass on this knowledge of drill and discipline to the band with a modern touch to its traditional values.   

I am enjoying my retirement in Poole.

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